Cooper Controls Services

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Our number one priority is delivering top-quality industrial service and support that helps our customers improve their productivity and competitiveness. Cooper Controls Inc. Provides installation, start-up, calibration services, instrumentation, process control, communications and electrical systems. We also offer excellent troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of industrial electrical systems.

Consultation Service

Cooper Controls provides a wide range of consulting services to help customers perform operational analyses, quantify benefits, evaluate potential investments, develop business cases, and define specific project requirements from which a project budget and execution plan can be developed. The goal is to provide leading automation and industry expertise to help clients envision and capture the value of innovative technologies and accelerate a sustainable competitive edge.

Programming Services

Cooper Controls engineers are experts in configuring and programming stand alone or networked PLC-based controls and HMI control systems. We have the necessary training to design/develop and program a number of manufacturer’s platforms including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and others. We are experienced in Allen-Bradley’s complete line of programmable controllers including ControlLogix. HMI Programming experiences spans multiple industries and software that includes PanelView, PanelMate, Wonderware, Maple Systems, Red Lion and others.

Instrumentation Services

We provide high-quality process electrification and instrumentation installations reliably and professionally. We install electrical, instrumentation and automation systems for the energy industry, chemical industry, paper and pulp industry and Wastewater industry. We are also familiar with the working environments associated with various processes and industries. We are known for our prompt delivery times and for keeping the promises we make to our customers. The installation process always includes commissioning and testing.

Calibration Services

Cooper Controls On-Site Process Calibration services include the following:
Highly trained calibration technicians
  • Customized calibration datasheets
  • Fast and flexible service schedules
  • Calibration on Singular, Loop & Process/System Instruments
  • Calibration of Instrument in the environment it resides
What we do:
  • Technicians meet with you at your facility to understand how you use the instrument and what specs the instrument needs calibrated to.
  • Technicians perform the work either with or without t