Cooper Controls provides a wide range of consulting services to help customers perform operational analyses, quantify benefits, evaluate potential investments, develop business cases, and define specific project requirements from which a project budget and execution plan can be developed. The goal is to provide leading automation and industry expertise to help clients envision and capture the value of innovative technologies and accelerate a sustainable competitive edge. Consulting services are provided by a team of senior consultants with proven hands-on experience and a track record of solving high stakes problems across all process industries including Chemical, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Refining.

  • Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies

Analyze and identify business opportunities and needs within your site. Quantify specific benefits and return on investment. Architect automation solutions and define a preliminary plan including scope of work and functional specifications.

  • Process Improvement and Optimization Consulting

Optimize operations. Maximize unrealized potential and leverage benefits from automation investments. Apply advanced automation to operate at maximum profitability.